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Wiseman Preserve, Canaan Mountain, Falls Village
Preserve Acres: 514

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Situated within the Canaan Mountain conservation area, the largest roadless area in Connecticut at about twenty two thousand acres, the Wiseman Preserve’s five hundred thirty five acres includes some of the most stunning forestland in the region. Soaring eastern hemlocks, white pines, and hardwoods mix with wetlands, streams, and vernal pools in a core area that serves as source habitat for wildlife in the Southern Berkshires. A gift of the visionary Wiseman family over several years, the sanctuary is functionally and structurally complex. It harbors all of the region’s predators along with the recently returned moose, the tallest mammal in North America. Snowshoe hare and a wide variety of disturbance-sensitive species find refuge here away from human activity. The preserve has the oldest trees in Weantinoge’s catalog. Some of them exceed three hundred years in age. It is a wild and beautiful place reminiscent of Northern New England.

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