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Whippoorwill Farm and the Salmon Kill River, Salisbury
Preserve Acres: 196

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The MacLaren Conservation Easement at Whippoorwill Farm is a dramatic mixed forest, farm, and river mosaic. It covers 135- acres on Farnum Road in Salisbury in a setting that exemplifies the rural beauty of Northwest Connecticut. Over seventy acres of USDA conservation-class farmland soils are found within the easement that also protects over three thousand feet of the Salmon Kill River. The easement covers agricultural land farmed by Allen and Robin Cockerline, who produce natural, grass-fed beef, pork, and chicken (both delicious and healthy) that is sold to the local community at a roadside stand on Salmon Kill Road. Whippoorwill Farm is part of a marble-influenced ecosystem and the easement also preserves fifty acres of upland wetlands including a dramatic yellow birch-red maple-hemlock swamp. Weantinoge is proud to be a partner with Linda, Julie, and Malcolm MacLaren, a conservation-minded family with a long history of farming and service to the community.  

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