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Revesz-Been Wildlife Sanctuary, Salisbury
Preserve Acres: 65

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The Revesz-Been Wildlife Sanctuary on Brinton Hill is a Forever Wild easement that captures an ecologically significant upland forest on a mountain rampart on the west bank of the Housatonic River. Brinton Hill is notable for its bedrock geology, having been the subject of intensive study by J.D. Dana in 1885 as reported in his Taconic Rocks and Stratigraphy. The mountain rises approximately 530 feet above the limestone plain of the Housatonic. The parcel harbors several forest types from dry-upland, lowbush blueberry-filled ridgelines dominated by chestnut oak and eastern white pine to rich lowslope patches of majestic sugar maples and northern red oak. The preserve is highly visible from surrounding lowlands and the ridgeline views to the south and west across the Housatonic Valley are breathtaking. The Trust is pleased to partner with Richard Revesz and Vicki Been in permanently protecting this special place.

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