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Rebekah’s Hill Sanctuary, Goshen
Preserve Acres: 83

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Rebekah’s Hill Sanctuary is an 83-acre conservation easement in rural northeastern Goshen. It is a large forest matrix in the vicinity of the largest roadless landscape in Connecticut. Rebekah’s Hill is important for its diverse woodland habitats, provision of ecosystem services, and outstanding scenic value, all nurtured over many decades by the Rosenberg Family.

The Rebekah’s Hill Sanctuary is the realm of the bobcat (Lynx rufus), a top-predator whose presence is an indicator of ecosystem health, stability, and biodiversity. The easement meets all of the needs of this animal, which is recovering gradually from the trapping and land-clearing activities of the past. It excels under the mixed forest canopy of Rebekah’s Hill where it undoubtedly feeds on prey supported by the sanctuary’s outstanding and long-nurtured oak crop.

Weantinoge’s protective mission includes the preservation of traditional working lands. The Rosenbergs have conducted well-managed timber harvests over the years, and have selected the American Forest Foundation’s Standards of Sustainability for Forest Certification as the guide for their work. In addition, they are pursuing forest certification through the AFF and are registering the site in the American Tree Farm System. Tree Farms are inspected regularly and certified to assure proper forest management with special attention focused on the easement’s wildlife, water resources, and riparian buffer areas along with upland sites with shallow, fragile soils. Weantinoge is proud to work with the Rosenbergs as they manage their model working-forest ecosystem.

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