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Milton Village Forest, Litchfield
Preserve Acres: 89

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The Milton Village Forest is a 90-acre conservation easement in the center of historic Milton. A gift of the Nickoll Family, the property was rescued from development and is now a Forever Wild preserve that permanently protects the scenic center and approaches to the village. The sanctuary is situated on a glacial drumlin draped with extensive eastern hemlock, eastern white pine, and northern hardwoods and includes a 10-acre mixed open and shrub swamp. The most interesting forest floor is punctuated by outcrops, boulders, tipover mounds, decaying logs, and wetland interspersions. The site was in the path of the Northeastern United States Tornado Outbreak of 1989 and evidence of its impact is present, where scattered individual trees tower over the recovering landscape. The affected stands add significant structural and functional diversity to the site and serves as evidence of nature’s resilience. Thanks to Ben and Chrissy Nickoll, the Milton Village Forest is one of Weantinoge’s most ecologically and aethetically important preserves.

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