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Harrison Forever Wild Preserve, South Kent
Preserve Acres: 125

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The Harrison Preserve is Weantinoge’s first Forever Wild conservation easement. Located on Treasure Hill in South Kent, the 125-acre preserve protects century-old trees that will never be subjected to logging or other human disturbance. It is a place where nature alone will guide the forest’s development. The old and large trees of the Harrison Preserve are invaluable as reservoirs for genetic diversity, seed sources for forest regeneration, and refuges for old-growth-dependent wildlife.

Old-growth forests have been tremendously reduced from their historic abundance and are now considered to be one of the most endangered ecosystems in the country. In the East, only one percent of historic old-growth forest is estimated to remain, with only 1/2000th of 1% of Connecticut’s forested landscape in the old-growth stage (about 40 acres statewide). The loss and degradation of old-growth and other forest types threaten the existence of many plant and animal species. Preservation initiatives like the Harrison Conservation Easement are at the forefront of the effort to restore the old-growth habitat to our landscape. This project is the anchor preserve in Weantinoge’s Old-Growth Restoration Initiative, which now exceeds one thousand acres. Thanks to visionary landowners like the Harrisons, Weantinoge now protects more than 1,300 acres of Forever Wild Easements.

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