Land Easements

Across the country, conservation easements have become the most popular method of protecting land. Easements allow landowners to maintain private ownership while permanently protecting the conservation values of their lands forever. Weantinoge is a national leader in the development of conservation easements that serve to preserve family lands, protect natural systems, and safeguard the land, air, and water. Once an easement is consummated, we serve as an active partner with the landowner to ensure that the terms of the easement are carried out forever.

From the wildlands atop Canaan Mountain in Falls Village, to the historic Milton Village Sanctuary in Litchfield, to the Potter Farm in Washington, Weantinoge’s 177 conservation easement partnerships have protected more than five thousand acres and some of the most spectacular natural areas and working farmland in Northwest Connecticut.

Here is a selection of eight of the properties that we’ve come to preserve and protect over our 51-year history:

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