Our Lands: An Overview

Weantinoge protects more than 9, 700 acres of land including 15 working farms, over 160 wildlife sanctuaries, and 12 nature preserves open to the public with hiking trails.

About Our Trails

Our trails traverse fields, forests, and wetlands. They provide places for exploration, adventure, and solace. In order to preserve the backcountry experience, trail use is limited to hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing. The Trust welcomes volunteer assistance to help us maintain and protect our network.

Our trails are blazed with the Appalachian Trail and Connecticut Blue Blaze conventions using rectangles 2-inches wide by 6-inches high. Please hike only on established trails as off-trail hiking can cause erosion and disturb rare plants, birds, and sensitive habitats, while placing you at greater risk of encountering deer ticks and yellow jackets.

ATVs, mountain bikes, horses, and dogs are prohibited on our lands. Collecting plants, rocks, or animals also is prohibited. Due to changes in trail conditions, information presented here may become inaccurate and use of our trails is at the sole risk of the user. Storms may close trails. We recommend always wearing an orange-reflective vest during hunting season from September to December, even on Sundays. And, please always carry out what you bring in. Leave nothing behind but your footprints.

Several of our public preserves feature geocaches that can be explored with base information that is available at http://www.geocaching.com/

We hope you enjoy hiking our trails!